Can Straight Guys Enjoy Spanking Another Guy?

I Love It When They Beg

A top is clearly enjoying himself by beating the fuck out of his restrained victim, stripping off completely naked as he builds up a sweat. This is real, naked, man-on-man punishment. The ass he is beating is exactly where he wants it, restrained, legs spread. No escape. Everything is thrown at the guy. Rock hard spanking, vicious flogging, brutal and relentless belting, a surprise paddling. Lots of screaming to enjoy in this one, even as the top massages the swollen buttocks. The top barks at the trembling red ass in between strokes, shouting You make my cock rock hard. Rock Hard! In the end, the top makes one last humiliating demand: Beg me to stop.

Can Straight Guys Enjoy Spanking Another Guy?

Jason is teaching this straight, muscular guy to thrash bare ass hard. He spends time getting to know the implements one by one, beating the restrained sub with them. He looks like he is enjoying himself! If you like to watch a handsome, muscular straight guy beating bare ass and realizing how much he enjoys it then you will definitely enjoy this film.

Gym Training No Way Out Style

Ben's recent poor attendance record at the gym will be addressed harshly and effectively by Jason. Its very simple - lift the weights or take it hard those are the only two options available. Watch as he tries to avoid punishment by lifting the weight for as long as he can. Standing over him with a vicious belt, I pass the time enjoying his suffering, eagerly awaiting the moment when the weights hit the floor, mocking him. As soon as they do, hard strokes batter down on bare ass continuous punishment until the Ben regains the strength to lift the weights again. Even then, its only a matter of time until he fails and I have my way. Soon it is time to upgrade from the belt to the prison strap.

Wiping The Smile Right Off

Handsome 21 year-old Jack has come to us because he has spent all his money going to parties and festivals this summer. He turned up drinking a can of beer and seemed to think that it was all a bit of a joke. He was wrong. As punishment for spending all his money on alcohol and having a good time, he is going to take it HARD for No Way Out. Jack is straight and has never been disciplined in this way before by a man, so he is nervous. He should be. He strips off to reveal a nice ass which is begging for a good thrashing. You can tell that he feels a bit humiliated but he has no idea what is coming. Getting naked is the least of his worries.

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