I Broke the Gym-Shoe Across His Ass

I Broke the Gym-Shoe Across His Ass

I beat this guy's ass in a vicious, long and painful session with a gym shoe and a cane. His ass literally fell apart under the strain as he yelped and screamed his way through the ordeal.  I wasted no time showing him what I can do to a bare ass. It is thrashed completely, red and sore quite soon but I just kept going and going until it is time for some fun with the cane over the top of everything else. The gym shoe I used split in two in the end.  Literally broke the thing on his bare cheeks.  This is one of the hardest and most brutal films I have ever made. Very straight-forward man-to-man punishment with very little dialogue. Extremely hard.

Buckling Down and Making Me Proud

People that buy our videos will know that all the guys are pushed to the very edge of their ability to take.  It is time to see how Jacob deals with a longer, absolutely rock hard session with my belt.  This is a real test of his ability.  He is made to count out the strokes loudly and proudly, his gasps and pleas for leniency ignored.  I give him plenty of encouragement but I make it clear that I want him to endure, what I am throwing at him and to make me proud.  And it is fucking hard.  That belt cracks down with considerable power again and again and again.  What Jacob does not know earlier in the session is that while the strokes are very hard, they are not my hardest.  I have kept something back and so when I unleash it, there are screams of disbelief.  This marks the beginning of his real training and even a brief outing with the new prison strap.  Stern, vicious and relentless, I push him to his very limit time and time again.

Straight Builder Belted

Will is a muscular, straight construction worker who reckons he can take it hard for No Way Out. He has one of the best asses I have ever punished - round and very firm. I get him on all fours and I have him stick his ass right out to receive his punishment so we can all get a good look.  It is pretty humiliating and I can tell that he is having some second thoughts.  He has never been spanked by another guy and so its time to introduce him to some hard bare-assed punishment to see how he copes with it.  Hand, paddle, belt.  Man-on-man.  It always surprises me what straight guys will do for a bit of cash, but watching him suffer is worth every cent.

Watching His Balls Bounce

What hurts more than hard CP? Not much when I am doing the belting, but why not peg the guys balls too, just for fun? In this film, Ben has 6 painful pegs attached to his balls and has to endure very hard punishment on top of that. For those of you that enjoy a top slowly taking off his belt and then beating a restrained ass with it, you will enjoy this film. By the end of the session, this ass is showing considerable wear and tear but in true No Way Out style, that's no reason to stop. The film is a test of wills as the sub tries to fight back as best he can  but backchat is not something that is advised when your ass is literally on the block.  I love watching those pegs bounce and jostle as the belt cracks down again ... and again ... and again.