Struggling to Take His Spanking

Giving You What You Want

I really enjoy thrashing Ben and Harry in the dungeon and this is the third of five films that are the result of that long session in a sound-proofed dungeon.  I use canes, straps and paddles to make sure these two know who was in charge.  They kick up a real fuss, quite a lot of shouting, screaming and begging to be enjoyed here, but although I am hearing these guys, my aim is to work through most of the implements on the dungeon wall until their bare butts are red raw.  I know it is what you want to see and therefore, it's what I gonna enjoy providing.  Putting these two through the mill for you is my pleasure and now you can enjoy the fruits of my labor - watch these restrained bare asses punished ... long and hard.

Suffering Fantastically

I received this comment from a viewer the other day - "just watched some of the Adam clips - the guy is amazing. great belting. He is such a hottie would love to see more of him".  Adam is, indeed, a great find and one of my favorite guys.  A great ass, a can-do attitude, he doesn't enjoy what we do at No Way Out, but he buckles down and takes it.  He suffers fantastically, a great mixture of pain and fear on his face as he takes it.  There are four films that Adam stars in and they are varied in terms of position and severity.  Like one of my other viewers said, he brings something very exiting to each video he stars in.

Struggling to Take It

Sometimes we get a guy in that takes a spanking but is not keen to come back.  Sometimes. guys just find it too hard to take what we dish out.  I am always clear with them, though, that in order to be paid their fee, they must give me enough for a film.  For some guys, this can be a real struggle and one such guy is John.  Straight, never been spanked, I had to gag him while he just grunted and groaned through his session.  Needless to say, he probably won't be back, but at least he left with a new-found respect for the belt.

How Hard? Hard As Nails

The severity of punishment is, of course, a subjective sliding scale and sometimes it's difficult to decide on a category when the punishment is very hard but perhaps not very very hard.  I don't have that problem with Chris because his punishment sessions almost deserve a category of their own.  They're not only very very hard but almost harder than that.  I still manage to get him on the ropes every now again, he often pleads with me to stop, during a session, but he always takes what I am dishing out.  That's part of the deal if he wants to be trained by me.