Shut Up and Take It

Learning The Hard Way

"Present your ass properly for me, fucker - nice and high - NOW" "Sorry Sir" "You will be sorry. Count 'em out loud" "One, Officer ... Two, Officer ... Three, Officer ... Sir, I can't!" "You can boy and you fucking well will. Gonna have some fun with you today. There's nothing i like more than a good session of HARD CP. Come on, we're just warming you up. Ass up ... UP I said - come on. Good lad. You're gonna take these nice and hard for me". "Please Sir I can't I can't I can't!" "Oh but you're gonna." It really doesn't pay to complain about any of the officers if you are an inmate at Belmarks Prison.

Take It Hard Army Man

This army soldier has been insubordinate to his Sergeant during training and so the Sergeant fully intends to beat some sense and manners into him. He starts with a harsh two-sided paddle on the soldiers' restrained ass that just hints at what is to come. The real discipline and attitude adjustment comes when the Sergeant switches to the belt. The soldier reacts very angrily to the humiliating punishment, telling the Sergeant to go fuck yourself. This is an extremely stupid move as the Sergeant doesn't hesitate to switch immediately to a harsh and heavy strap. This soon has the soldier writhing like a bucking bronco on the frame, begging and cursing in equal measure. Just to make sure he's learned his lesson, the Sergeant enlists the help of one of the privates to double down on the guy's already battered ass.

Fantastic Ass Spread and Beaten

Bubble butt spanked, wheel-barrow style, paddled and then belted and strapped. Hard.

Sam - Baptism of Fire Initiation

Sam, a 23 year-old student, has presented himself to No Way Out for an initiation into hard spanking. Naked and vulnerable over the bench, he is subjected to a humiliating and hard series of punishments. I grab his hair and pull it back as I spank his cheeks hard until he screams. There is quite a bit of encouragement from me, but I constantly remind Sam that he must present his bare ass for punishment. I keep shouting at him to stick it out, to present properly. The force of the strokes shunts the bench away from me and he has the tendency to pull his ass downwards and away from what is coming to it. It takes quite a bit of training and patience, my foot holding the bench in position, before he starts showing me what I want, pushing his ass out as the onslaught continues. There are softer moments when I comfort Sam but soon it is time to play the paddle game where he has to guess which side of the paddle I am spanking his ass with. It is not a difficult game because they are surprisingly different. He has to call out each time, it is humiliating and frightening. He shakes with the anticipation of each stroke. Sam tends to whimper and then when he cannot take any more, he screams loudly for us, clinging to the bench, which is very entertaining. I keep barking at him that he holds his position and as he is introduced to my belt for the first time, he just starts screaming and bucking around. This one needs quite a bit of training and today he is going to please me even if it takes all day. Come on Sam. Feet nice and wide, ass up, just fucking take what is coming.

John - Sock-Gagged Punishment

John is a 22 year-old straight guy and a good friend of Tom who featured a few weeks back. Tom lent some money to John who has been unable to pay it back due to the holidays and not being in regular work. Tom and John agreed that John would repay his debt by taking it hard for No Way Out. John has never been disciplined before and is nervous about how much it is going to hurt. He is also nervous about being naked full-frontal. Watching him strip, he looks scared, but accepts the punishment in order to repay his best friend which shows guts.