Re-Introducing the Prison Strap | Hard and Dirty Gets You Off | Bound and Caned to Completion | Adam Taken to the Next Level

Re-Introducing the Prison Strap

Time for some rock hard CP training now as Ben returns in the first of a brand new season of films. For fans of Ben, this is going to be a treat.  Many would agree that it has been far too long since he was properly punished.  I am going to put that right.  I start by showing you on camera a new mantra for Ben's punishment regime.  I make him read it out frequently during the session.  Today, I am going to belt, strap and flog Ben's bare ass for you.  It is going to be hard, not least because he is out of practice.  I remind him that I want his ass positioned properly, I want to see it up and proud, I want you to see those fucking balls bounce as he takes it.  I start off with a hard belting which is focused on the middle and upper parts of his ass cheeks.  I leave the lower part for later when, without warning, I place a couple of very hard, carefully-aimed shots right across his tender seat.  You will hear him roar with pain and buck around in his cuffs.  The strokes leave deep red scorch marks across the pale part of his upper legs / lower buttocks.  I tie a rope around his balls so that I can tug them out from where they are trying to hide.  I want you to be able to see them.  I keep making him read the new mission statement for you, sometimes while he is taking his punishment, his voice shaking and struggling to get the words out.  I make him read it one more time before gagging him for the next part when the old, black prison strap starts walloping down, followed by a good hard flogging.  Bit of a baptism of fire this one.  Ben is well and truly back in the game!

Hard and Dirty Gets You Off

Jason is yet again in the mood for hard punishment and this poor fucker is gonna get thrashed. After persuading him over the bench, he's tied down and soon he's right where Jason wants him. What follows is a brutal CP session that pushes the guy's boundaries. The poor helpless fucker is made to count them out when he's not biting down on a belt or Jason's t-shirt. He screams through gritted teeth. Drop the belt and i'll beat you with it, sneers Jason. The escalating punishment includes a hard paddling, belting and his first taste of the prison strap. Jason and the cameraman mock him as he struggles through the session, screaming and shouting.

Bound and Caned to Completion

In the third and final installment of Jacobs initiation to No Way Out, he endures a hard application of the bath brush followed by a very long punishment with a junior and a senior cane. His first taste of the bath brush sees him begging for leniency, saying my ass is on fire. The fact he hates it means that we can move on to what this film is really all about the cane. Talk about out of the frying pan into the fire. As you may know, I do not use the cane extensively and so when I do, I like to go all out. I start off with a smaller, snappier cane and it is really great fun cracking it across the cheeks of his bare ass which are perfectly positioned over the punishment bench. There are a few points where the strokes are so hard that his bucking around makes the bench start to jump away. I also have him taking sets of five and ten but I enjoy it so much and he is suffering so fantastically that when I get to the end of the agreed sets, I just keep going. There are a lot of points where he is genuinely begging me to stop while I am shouting at him to stay still. The senior cane has a deeper whoosh and a heavier thud. I gag his mouth with tape but I really want to hear him scream through the gag and encourage him to let us hear it. Please note that this video is very hard and extreme in some places. Watch out for the surprise encore right at the end of the film.

Adam Taken to the Next Level

It is amazing what a guy can take when he is restrained - how much he can be pushed beyond his previous limits. 19 year old Adam the gym instructor is back and this time were going to make sure he learns a very real lesson. He has lost his job at the gym (no surprises there) and is now looking to start his own personal training company. I have some personal training for him and it starts right here, right now. I have planned an afternoon of punishment that will see him endure my hand and belt hard across his tight white underwear and then much harder across his bare ass. Its the first time Adam has ever been restrained and of course, he soon learns that being restrained means hell take so much more of a beating, because he has little choice. There is a lot of bad language in this film. His eyes wide with fear and his ass clenched in anticipation of each stroke. Feast your eyes and ears - he takes it very hard this time, just for you!