3 Days of Hard Punishment

The following titles are selling really well right now.  I'm glad you are enjoying them:

Three Days of Hard Punishment - Showdown (Jed Video 3)

Jason has Jed in a very humiliating position in this next extended film, bent right over a wooden stool and bound with rope and cling film, gagged and completely unable to move.

The Final Challenge (Brad Video 3)

We talk through everything in great detail. He is clearly nervous, in particular about the number of strokes of the belt and the cane, which is a new experience for him.

Ben Back In Training (Ben Video 41)

I keep making him read the new mission statement for you, sometimes while he is taking his punishment, his voice shaking and struggling to get the words out. I make him read it one more time before gagging him for the next part when the old, black prison strap starts walloping down, followed by a good hard flogging. Bit of a baptism of fire this one. Ben is well and truly back in the game!

18 Year-Old Steve Crime and Punishment (Steve Video 2)

It really helps that Steve has a great, young, pert bubble butt and we make him strip down slowly and show us his body. Then hes over the new bench which gets that ass of his right up and in the perfect position for a good thrashing.

Zach Takes It Hard for No Way Out (Zach Video 1)

Zach is a young Eastern European, ex-military guy and he certainly looks the part. Stern, straight and strong, he has decided to submit to No Way Out.

These are our top 5 best-sellers overall this month:

(Ben and Harry) Hard Dungeon Discipline Part 5

(Matt) Hostel Part 2 - Hard Humiliation

(Steve) 18 Year-Old Steve Spanked To Tears

(Brad) The Final Challenge

(Adam) 19 Year-Old Gym Instructor Pushed Harder

Really glad to see Adam in the top 5 again.  Although I think Richard deserved his spot after the thrashing he took!