Pushed Too Far in the Dungeon

1. Ben and Harry in Hard Dungeon Discipline Part 5 - Pushed Too Far

The top drinks a beer throughout the grueling session - training guys to take hard CP is thirsty work. With only more and harder punishment on the agenda, the subs just grit their teeth and take it.

2. Matt in Hostel part 2 - Hard Humiliation

Tied over a table top, his head pulled up and back with the use of the handle of an old mop means that he is forced to watch his own beating in a mirror which is propped up in front of him.

3. Steve in 18 year-old Steve Spanked to Tears

I was only too pleased to help show Steve some hard discipline and I was delighted when I saw his ass - he has a great ass for punishment a perfectly young, smooth bubble butt which just begs for a thrashing.

4. Brad in The Final Challenge

We talk through everything in great detail. He is clearly nervous, in particular about the number of strokes of the belt and the cane, which is a new experience for him.

5. Ben in Ben Back in Training

Today, I am going to belt, strap and flog Ben's bare ass for you. It is going to be hard, not least because he is out of practice. I remind him that I want his ass positioned properly, I want to see it up and proud, I want you to see those fucking balls bounce as he takes it.