Hard Spanking Videos You Are Watching Right Now - 2nd June 2016

Hi everyone,

I get a lot of customers asking me what people are buying right now ... what are the current favorites?

Well, here is a list of the videos we have sold most recently:

1 - Jonny Takes It Hard For No Way Out

2 - Ben and Harry - Hard Dungeon Discipline Part 5 - Pushed Too Far

3 - Ben and Harry - Hard Dungeon Discipline Part 2 - Stepping It Up

4 - Chris - Bath Brush and Belt

5 - 20 Year-Old Jonny Over the Bench

Interesting selection!  Jonny is a straight guy that reluctantly gets trained to submit and take a spanking (his second video has him in bondage, over a bench).  Ben and Harry are experienced takers and are put through the mill by me in the dungeon - lots of belts and straps and whips and paddles ... Chris is able to take very, very hard punishment and in the above film he takes a very painful bath brush beating which is rounded off with an incredibly hard belting.

Great films being watched right now all over the world of our hard spankings.  Makes me very proud!

Thanks for reading!