Adam Pushed Harder, 20 Year-Old Jonny Over The Bench, Ben is Back in Training

Here are the titles that people have bought most recently:

1 - 19 Year-Old Gym Instructor Pushed Harder (Adam Video 2)

2 - Hostel Part 2 - Hard Humiliation (Matt Video 4)

3 - 20 Year-Old Jonny Over the Bench (Jonny Video 2)

4 - Hard Dungeon Discipline Part 5 - Pushed Too Far (Ben and Harry Video 5)

5 - Ben Back in Training (Ben Video 41)

A very nice range of spanking videos this week - from hard to very very hard.  Good choices.  Great to see Adam and Jonny - nice looking guys that work really hard for you to take punishment - both straight and so it's tough for them to submit, psychologically and physically.  Matt, Ben and Harry take the much harder stuff if that's your thing.  Prison straps, canes ... they take it all ... and hard.