The importance of restraining your ass before I punish it

When I punish a guy, I know it's going to hurt and I know there will be moments when the recipient is hating me - calling me everything under the sun, begging for mercy and if he could, he would get up and run out the door - any sensible guy would.  Even for the most experienced trainee, there comes a point where the pain, the humiliation, the build-up of implements and the severity is too much.

Sometimes it takes me a lot of time to persuade one of my lads back to the bench, so when I do, I always make sure they're tied down good and tight.  In the moment that they realize they have made a terrible mistake in submitting to me, there's nowhere to run - nowhere to hide - just me and him - restrained, unable to escape.

From that minute, we're in the moment, going on a journey to new levels of pain and humiliation - the bond between top and sub growing with each stroke - that's real No Way Out Corporal Punishment.