Fastest-Selling Hard Spanking Videos - 30th May 2016

1 - Bath Brush and Double Cane (Jacob Video 3)

In the third and final installment of Jacobs initiation to No Way Out, he endures a hard application of the bath brush followed by a very long punishment with a junior and a senior cane. 

2 - 19 Year-Old Gym Instructor Pushed Harder (Adam Video 2)

It is amazing what a guy can take when he is restrained - how much he can be pushed beyond his previous limits.

3 - Three Days of Hard Punishment - Showdown Day 3 (Jed Video 3)

Jason has Jed in a very humiliating position in this next extended film, bent right over a wooden stool and bound with rope and cling film, gagged and completely unable to move.