Most Popular Hard Spanking Videos - 26th May 2016

1. Hard Dungeon Discipline Part 5 - Pushed Too Far (Ben and Harry Video 5)

When we speak to customers, they usually want harder Corporal Punishment, more real screaming, more pain, more begging and generally a much more severe punishment.

2. Hostel Part 2 - Hard Humiliation (Matt Video 4)

The painful humiliation of a bare assed beating. This is hard, dirty, sadistic CP with some vicious leather straps. A tough, hairy arsed, muscular sub struggling to take it.

3. 18 Year-Old Steve Spanked to Tears (Steve Video 3)

Steve has come to us for probably what will be the last time before he goes to college and so we wanted to make sure that we leave an impression on him.

4. The Final Challenge (Brad Video 3) - up from 5

This probably represents Brads final film with us. He was tempted back by the enhanced fee payable from a client who had a specific request for him to be pushed with longer and harder sets of paddle, belt and the cane.

5. Extreme Spanking Ordeal (Richard Video 2) - New Entry

If you think hand spanking is just a light warm-up for naughty bare butts, check out this film of a guy getting hand-spanked long and hard, No Way Out style.