Most popular hard spanking videos - week of 16th May 2016

Brad is spanked with a paddle and a belt
Brad learns what he is expected to endure

1. Hard dungeon discipline part 5 - pushed too far (ben and harry video 5)

When we speak to customers, they usually want harder Corporal Punishment, more real screaming, more pain, more begging and generally a much more severe punishment. We think that the CP we do is fucking hard already but the customer is never wrong and so we have decided to publish this footage which was never intended to be released. This is the final and much harder part of the dungeon series that, after filming, resulted in Jason being told to calm it down. Hard belting, paddling, very hard caning and a vicious martinet stripped these guys RAW until they were begging and screaming for mercy.

2. Hostel part 2 - hard humiliation (matt video 4)

The painful humiliation of a bare assed beating. This is hard, dirty, sadistic CP with some vicious leather straps. A tough, hairy arsed, muscular sub struggling to take it. Tied over a table top, his head pulled up and back with the use of the handle of an old mop means that he is forced to watch his own beating in a mirror which is propped up in front of him. He can see whats coming before he feels it. Good, hard, gritty prison strapping that has our muscled sub gasping and roaring in pain and disbelief. The top just works his way through the punishment, enjoying each and every challenging stroke.

3. 18 year-old steve spanked to tears (steve video 3)

Steve has come to us for probably what will be the last time before he goes to college and so we wanted to make sure that we leave an impression on him. He tells us that he has been keeping out of trouble, but what he doesnt know is that we KNOW he has been in trouble again. And what is more, we have been authorized to punish him until he CRIES. We are going to spank and belt him until he breaks. He is clearly very worried, shaking during his hard spanking which sees him on all fours, his legs spread and his privates swinging on show. Were going to teach him a lesson he wont forget in a hurry.

steve is spanked until he cries
Steve is spanked until he cries

4. American football beating (kirk video 1)

Jason tops an over-confident amateur American football player with a pre-agreed sentence set at 50 belt and 25 prison strap. He begins by tying down the guy firmly to the table. Having agreed that no paddling would take place because it is humiliating, Jason just cannot resist the temptation once his victim is restrained and uses a few paddles just for a bit of degrading fun. Then it is time for the real punishment and it is going to be hard. Jason does not hold back in dishing out the strokes, making each one count. The guy is soon on the ropes, bucking around, shouting. There is a lot of bruising in this video. A great example of how to really take a guy down.

5. The final challenge (brad video 3)

This probably represents Brads final film with us. He was tempted back by the enhanced fee payable from a client who had a specific request for him to be pushed with longer and harder sets of paddle, belt and the cane. This film is much longer than most because it contains a very detailed discussion at the beginning with Brad about the terms of his punishment and exactly what he is expected to endure. We talk through everything in great detail. He is clearly nervous, in particular about the number of strokes of the belt and the cane, which is a new experience for him. But he is keen to get his hands on the cash and so reluctantly agrees to the terms which I negotiated on his behalf. Like a true sportsman, his endurance is a joy to watch as that perfect ass glows increasingly red and sore. Brad certainly earned his place in the No Way Out Hall of Fame with this one.

Brad is dreading his spanking