I love breaking new Canadian prison straps in across your bare ass ...

Canadian prison straps are very thick and heavy and require quite a bit of use before they become more flexible.  These two straps are a new part of my collection and using them for the first time was a lot of fun (for me).  They're going to need a fair few hard sessions before they show any wear and tear.

Ben takes a very hard prison strapping in a gay spanking movie made by No Way Out Punishment

These straps are capable of delivering a blistering punishment and are built to last.  Good job because I'm going to be using them for a while here at No Way Out.  The prison punishments must have been extremely difficult to endure.  The main difference between these straps is the fact that one has holes in it and the other does not.  The one with holes is easier to administer because it flies through the air more smoothly and it also hurts because the edge of the strap is what cuts into bare ass.  And all those little holes?  Well, they represent more edge, my friends.

It doesn't take me long to get the hang of each of them.  I like both and they certainly pack a punch.  They leave deep, wide red marks if used properly.  The recipient certainly knows they mean business, I don't think he's enjoying it much.  The straps are here to stay, though.

Sometimes nothing but the prison strap is enough to get the message across and introducing a guy to what it can do is fun and entertaining.  Hope you enjoy the high energy prison-strapping sessions that we make here at No Way Out.