Hard prison thrashing. No-one can hear you scream ....

Sometimes what is needed is just a hard, cold start - no warm-up and no introductory implements to ease the guy into it.  Prison punishment is one such time.  Hard punishment administered by sadistic guards is what I am talking about.  Black straps that put the fear of God into the recipient.

Down in the basement is where the punishment room is located at HM Belmarks Prison.  Two rooms are used for the purposes of administering very hard Corporal Punishment.  There used to be just one but the guards had taken such a liking to beating the inmates that occasionally both rooms would be in use at the same time.

We join one such unlucky prisoner as he starts a "cold, hard start" beating.  Easily one of the hardest and most intense prison strappings ever filmed.  No dialogue, no pleasantries.  Just blindingly hard punishment that has the victim screaming the place down.

Interesting to note that there is also no agreed sentence.  This is against prison policy but somehow, this warden has waived any upper limit and just keeps on going.  What's that about loving your job?