Get some buddies round and beat some bare ass ... and check this belt out!

Sometimes, getting together with other guys and beating bare ass is fun.  The whole session can take on a competitiveness and there can be a tension as each top shows off as to how well they can punish a guy - push him further, get the best reaction.

It's a great way to spend a few hours with a buddy, a few beers, a smoke and a sub over the bench, tied down - that needs to learn a hard lesson.

1 - Taught to Thrash Bare Ass Hard (Ash Video 2)

Jason is teaching this straight, muscular guy to thrash bare ass hard. He spends time getting to know the implements one by one, beating the restrained sub with them. He looks like he is enjoying himself! If you like to watch a handsome, muscular straight guy beating bare ass and realizing how much he enjoys it then you will definitely enjoy this film.

2 - Taught to Thrash Bare Ass Harder (Ash Video 3)

I have been training this muscular straight guy to beat bare ass hard. In this movie, a second, much harder part following on from the last film, the trainee top works his way through the full variety of kit. He is enjoying himself, particularly when he is using the riding crop and the flogger. He enjoys provoking a reaction from the sub who is tied up, ass up, for him to work on. He's not going anywhere. About half-way through the film, I decided it's time for some hands-on teaching and the trainee watched as I used the belt hard. He is amazed at how fierce it is, laughing and cringing, looking away. Then he gets into it.

3 - My Buddy Watches Me Punish Bare Ass Hard (Ben Video 30)

One of Jasons drinking buddies, Rich, has confessed that he is interested in CP and has asked to witness a hard, bare-assed beating. Of course, Jason is only too willing to organize it. He has a tendency to beat guys hard anyway, but in front of his mate, hes gonna lay it on even harder. Jason and his mate drink beer and joke around between periods of intense and painful punishment, laughing at the victims reactions. Jason invites Rich to have a go and he can hardly believe it. Hes never beaten a guys bare ass before but he loves every minute of it.

4 - My Buddy Watches Me Punish Bare Ass Harder (Ben Video 31)

Rich has travelled all the way across town to see Jason dish out a hard beating and so hes not about to leave until he feels like hes seen something pretty extreme. Turns out that Rich is one sadistic bastard underneath that boyish exterior. He confesses during a cigarette break that he is very keen to see Jasons prison straps in action. A hard belting was really all that Jason expected to show and certainly all that we expected to make as a video. Despite the pleading and begging that follows, Jason just laughs and gives the sub the choice of two straps. He is more than willing to show Rich just how hard they can be and proceeds to punish the restrained victim very, very hard.

5 - Scream Fucker (Ben Video 24)

We like nothing more than the screams of guys getting beaten hard but this top is such a bastard that he sets up a nasty little game in which the sub is challenged to remain quiet for as long as he can. 4 cards are drawn that each represent minutes of continuous, hard beating. If the sub remains quiet during the first card's punishment then the value of the following card will be halved. To help him get through the ordeal, the top gives him a gag to bite down on and then starts the first session, enjoying the subs attempts to remain quiet as he builds up the beating. He makes it through the first session without letting out too much noise so the second session is halved. However, the top doubles the intensity and the sub is no match for it and starts to scream through his gag.