Taking a straight guy to the limit with pain and humiliation

Sometimes I get a guy like Jack for you.  Young, cocky.  He seems to think that he can answer back, treat things as a bit of a joke.  It's all a laugh this "gay" spanking business.

When I get a guy like that, I rarely say anything.  In my view, there's no point telling how humiliated he's about to feel.  How little of his pride he'll have left at the end of the next session I have planned for him.

I just show him.

And when he's screaming with fear, mouth taped up, bare ass on display with his balls swinging under the force of each stroke of the belt, each paddle and spank of his bare ass ...

... when he's raising the roof, begging for it to stop.

Well, let's just say a video paints a million words.

Jack learns what pain and humiliation is with a hard spanking
Jack learns what pain and humiliation really is