Negotiating a pre-agreed spanking

A pre-agreed sentence is pretty much self-explanatory.  The top and the sub agree to the exact punishment before it is carried out and when it is, there are absolutely no outs.  No back-tracking.  Once the first stroke lands, the last one will too.

Personally, I don't like pre-agreed sentences because I like to really thrash a guy hard and the punishment ends when I've had enough or his ass has - whichever comes sooner.  Taking the guy to that point and hearing and seeing how he deals with it is why I love doing CP so much.

So when a guy wants a pre-agreed sentence, I am immediately nervous that I am not going to have my fun.  Particularly if I have no experience of spanking him, it's difficult to tell what will take him to his limit.

I'm pretty pleased with the way I agreed Kirk's punishment session.  He was a sporty, cocky fucker and so I started by going in high at 75 (no warm-up) of the belt and 50 of the prison strap straight after.  I knew he would talk me down from that.  He's seen my videos.  He knew that with the right technique, that would be enough to do some real damage.

Sure enough, he got me down to 50 of the belt and 25 of the prison strap.  Any less and I said the deal was off.  Not enough in it for me and not enough in it for you.

In reality, I would have gone to 40 and 15-20, but he didn't know that.

So after agreeing everything, it was just a case of carrying it out.

Not long until he wished he'd negotiated as hard as I punish bare ass :D

Kirk is going to take the spanking of his life
Kirk is in for a fucking hiding