Come on James - shout and scream - let me hear you!

Sometimes when I punish a guy, they put a lot of effort into taking the spanking with dignity - like as if taking it stoicly will mean that they hold onto a shred of their self-respect.

But screaming and shouting and kicking up a fuss is a good way to release tension and deal with the pain.  It's a natural reaction which I enjoy.  And I know many of you do, too.

And so I encourage it.

Take James, as an example.  He has learned to take a really decent thrashing and I told him the first time I beat his bare ass that he shouldn't be shy.  I told him to let his reactions out, not to inhibit them.

The result is a really exciting CP session.  Screaming, jumping around, teeth gritted.  Frustration, anger, pain - all very valid reactions to spanking.  And a lot of fun to watch and hear.

James - you did us proud.

James shows very natural (and loud reactions) to his spanking
James lets it all out for us