Hard spanking and bare-assed thrashing in a dungeon - were they pushed too far?

I am extremely proud of the hard punishment videos we make.  Pushing a guy to his limit and then keeping him there is something that a top learns to do with hours of belting or strapping or caning.

Reading the guy's reactions and knowing when to come in with more, when to hold back and enjoy the reaction or let the tension build.

During the fifth session of the day in the dungeon, I was punishing Ben and Harry across their bare asses and they were both restrained.  They were taking a whole load of everything and I was loving the reactions.  They were angry, they were begging.  They were trying every trick in the book to get me to stop.  That's how we do things at No Way Out.

hard spanking is something that needs to be regular
They won't stay on for long