The Moment You SUBMIT To ME For Your Hard SPANKING

I get a lot of emails from guys that are serious about wanting to take a beating across their bare ass.

Something deep within them needs the feeling of helplessness associated with restraint.

To feel the humiliation of having their bare ass up and out, on display, knowing that the camera is rolling and that people will watch their performance and be full of praise for what they endured, perhaps critical that they didn't take those extra sets of prison strap and started blubbing and begging, screaming the place down to be released.

Zach taking a hard spanking and belting

I have yet to meet a guy that enjoys taking hard CP while it is actually occurring.  They enjoy the before.  They enjoy the after.  But not the actual punishment.  One guy explained it to me like it was a really, really scary fairground ride.  He wants to go on, but once he does and the ride starts, there's no going back.

Given that the "ride" often involves open-ended punishment which only concludes when I'm satisfied or when the ass I'm beating has completely fallen apart (whichever comes sooner), there is usually a series of discussions before a beating.

Discussions where I know what he needs, he knows what he needs.  It's just a question of time.  And when that time comes, the moment he submits to me, i'll be waiting.  Implements at the ready.