Taking a Cocky Straight Guy Down a Peg - OR THREE

We often get guys who are looking to earn a bit of extra cash and reckon that taking a bit of punishment across their bare ass really can't be that bad.

But the truth is that spanking hurts and a lot more than they think it will.  Whether it's Ash, Will, Josh, Jonny, James or Tom, they all leave with the smirks completely wiped off their faces and a new-found respect for what it feels like to be spanked, paddled and belted.

An extreme case is Tom who is 23 years old, attractive and has several things for which he should be extremely sorry.  Driving while intoxicated and then leaving the scene of a crime would have most guys feeling very sorry for themselves.  In Tom's case, I feel like he doesn't really understand the full implication of what he has done.  He's almost boasting about it.

So, it's time to take this straight tear-away down.