At Belmarks Prison ... The Guards LOVE to Hear You SCREAM

"Jason - Ben Video 46 Belmarks Hardest Cold Start - I loved it! It was EXTREME ..."

Ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors at some of the nation's toughest prisons?  The guards use all the usual tricks in the book to keep the men in line but sometimes something tougher and stricter is needed ... hard corporal punishment.

We join Belmarks prison in the early hours of the morning ...

No Way Out Punishment Gay Spanking and Corporal Punishment CP
Ready son?  Now, this is going to be HARD ok?  Make as much noise as you like ...

A sadistic prison guard is suited and booted - and about to enforce a painful and humiliating form of discipline - hard prison strap with no warm-up.  But surely he is enjoying it way more than he should?

After all, he's not supposed to tease and humiliate the restrained prisoner.  To mock him.  But with no-one else present, he is free to be as sadistic as he wishes.  And surely there should be a defined number of strokes?  Not in this case.

As the strap cracks down, gasps, screams and begging from the prisoner fill the air.  Greatly enjoyed by the guard, but completely ignored - the strokes will continue to come down hard and fast until the guard is satisfied that the inmate has learned his lesson - that he is owned.