A new year and a tough new spanking challenge

I wanted to challenge Ben to something new for the New Year for you all to enjoy.  Something nice and tough.  He had no idea what was in store for him and I made sure he was already restrained when I explained the rules of my new game.

The game is pretty simple.

I will deliver one hundred hard strokes of the belt across his bare ass.

He will count them.  Count them out, loud and clear.

If he gets even one wrong, we not only go back to the beginning but we then go to one hundred and ten. Get it wrong again and it's 120.

So, the stakes are very high and you can tell that Ben is extremely anxious, his voice breaking with fear as he counts up, dealing with the pain of sturdy strokes of my belt.

Things go well for him to begin with, counting up like a good little soldier.  But soon, the power of the strokes means that he loses focus.  Of course, this is my plan.  To belt him hard enough that he forgets.  And I'm pleased to say, my plan works a treat.

Shame ... for him ... but a lot of fun for me.

Ben counts the strokes of the belt during his spanking
Ben - tested to the limits by the sadistic bastard in the gym shorts - that's me :)