Most of the time when I beat bare ass, I'm focusing on getting the best performance out of the guy and pushing him to the next level.  That can be a lot of fun - testing limits and enjoying the reactions.

But then there are other times when I'm actually angry about something.  Genuinely angry.  A customer emailed me the other day and said to me :

"Jesus, Jason - you were really pissed with him in that video!"

He was talking about Ben Video 44 and yes, I was genuinely pissed because of what Ben had done.  In fact, I was livid.  Going behind my back like that.  He was going to pay for it.

My experience is that being angry makes for a much harder, more exciting punishment scene.  After all, real punishment requires real motivation, and although I hugely enjoy beating bare ass regardless, if I have a good reason to do it, that's when I really get down to business and just don't hold back.

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