Brad - First Time Spanked | Your Girlfriend Will Never See This | Strict Suited Discipline

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Brad - First Time Spanked
When Brad got in touch, I thought he was too good to be true. When he stripped off for his first ever spanking, I thought I was dreaming. He needed to bring it in terms of his ability. And I was going to help him get there.

Your Girlfriend Will Never See This

It is amazing what a straight guy will do for money. It's almost like he doesn't really realize what's going on until he's gritting his teeth and taking his punishment and by then, he's too proud to admit that it hurts like hell. Watching them go through the psychological journey from tough straight man to guy presenting his bare ass for all the world to drool over is part of the fun. (Movie: Will Takes It Hard for No Way Out)

Strict Suited Discipline

It's funny how what you wear can make a difference to how you act and feel. When I wear a suit to punish a guy, what little consideration I have for the guy's dignity goes out the window and what you're left with is very strict, no-nonsense punishment which will get your blood pumping.