Steve Video 2 - 18 Year Old Steve Crime and Punishment (Very Hard Gay Spanking Video)

Hand, Belt, Paddle, Wooden Paddle, Cane
Very Hard

18 year old Steve is back and this time we’re going to make sure he learns a very hard lesson. He confesses to us that he’s been caught defacing some walls with graffiti after a drunken night out and had to appear in court and pay a huge fine. I hate unruly young men and so it’s about time I knocked some sense into him. I’ve planned an afternoon of punishment that will see him endure my hand, a wooden paddle, a leather paddle, my belt and a sturdy cane. They’ll all be laid on hard and across his bare ass. It’s the first time Steve has taken the cane and I know he will be surprised and shocked at how much it hurts. I can’t wait to introduce him to it.

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