Jeff Video 1 - 20 Year-Old Rugby Player Jeff Takes It Very Hard

Action : Hand, Paddle, Belt
Position : Restrained
Severity : Very Hard
Reaction : Loud

Jeff is a 20 year-old rugby player from Surrey in England. He contacted me looking to earn a bit of extra cash for a trip he is taking with the team to Bordeaux in July. I have always wanted to spank a rugby player hard, show him what real male-male punishment is all about and so I was delighted to welcome him to the No Way Out fold. I decided to go for restraint right off the bat because I knew this was going to push his limits. I was going to make him scream and shout. He holds it together to start with but soon gives us what we are looking for as he descends into uncontrolled yelps, screaming and almost sobbing.

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