Will Video 1 - Will Takes It Hard for No Way Out

Action : Hand, Paddle, Belt
Position : Unrestrained
Severity : Hard
Reaction : Brave

Will is a muscular, straight construction worker who reckons he can take it hard for No Way Out. He has one of the best asses I have ever punished - round and very firm. He is on all fours and we have him stick his ass right out to receive his punishment so we can all get a good look at it when we start thrashing it. He has never been spanked but, rather stupidly, made a big deal of how well he thought he would be able to take it. Such a tough guy – we will see. So it’s time to introduce him to some hard bare-assed punishment to see how he copes with it. He is not the first guy to be surprised and shocked by how much Corporal Punishment hurts but once we start, there’s No Way Out. He gets down to the business of enduring it, crying out, clenching his teeth and bucking around. He finds the whole ordeal painful and very, very humiliating. This is a great opportunity to see some really good quality ass taking a good, hard whacking.