Gagged and Screaming

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A handsome young man is stripped down to his underwear, tied to a chair, gagged and blindfolded. Then he is put over a bench, his legs spread wide, for hard and humiliating punishment. He screams, begs and shouts as both his dignity and his underwear is rip-stripped from him, his balls swinging freely between his legs for you to see. His face, close-up, his mouth still gagged, eyes wide with fear. “Oh God, I’m so scared”, he sobs as he realizes he is going to get his bare ass beaten long and hard. He has every right to be. Humiliating hand spanking, a nasty two-sided paddle and the belt all crack down hard on his firm, young ass cheeks. He screws his eyes shut and screams loudly for you, occasionally resorting to begging. “Stop, please stop!”, he pleads. Do you think we will? This is real, sadistic CP in bondage with plenty of shots of the victim up close as he goes through the ordeal. Definitely one of our best films to date.