Kirk Video 1 - American Football Beating (Very Very Hard Gay Spanking Video)

Action : Belt, Prison Strap
Position : Restrained
Severity : Very Very Hard
Reaction : Struggles

Jason yet again turns in a great video as he tops an over-confident amateur American football player.  A pre-agreed sentence is set at 50 belt and 25 prison strap. He begins by tying down the guy firmly to the table. Having agreed that no paddling would take place because it is “humiliating”, Jason just cannot resist the temptation once his victim is restrained and uses a few paddles just for a bit of degrading fun. Then it is time for the real punishment and it is going to be hard. Jason is wearing a sleeveless top by popular demand so you can really see him throwing his weight into each stroke. Sets of 10 hard strokes of the belt crack down on the football player’s bare ass and almost straight away, he is not as confident as he was, shouting out in pain, grunting and bucking around on the table. Fifth set in and he is really struggling to take the severity. Time to bring out the prison strap and as for the effects of that – the results speak for themselves. Well and truly thrashed. This is very hard, degrading, judicial-style punishment. No dialogue.