Benjamin Video 1 - Times Are Hard (Hard Gay Spanking Video)

Action : Hand, Paddle, Belt
Position : Unrestrained
Severity : Hard
Reaction : Brave

The great thing about ex-military guys is that they are real, manly men and they often have great physiques with can-do attitudes. Benjamin is no exception. He is clear about the fact that he needs the cash and like any good soldier, he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Just the kind of guy we like to see at No Way Out. So when I ask Benjamin to get on all fours and arch his back so that his bare ass sticks out for you, he just does it, even though you can see the humiliation in his face. Benjamin is nervous about what he is about to receive and he has every right to be. As the spanking starts, you can also see him realizing that he is in for a rough ride and trust me, he is not wrong. You should see his ass by the end of the session. Red, sore and humiliatingly exposed and punished. Real straight guy, real ex-army, really good ass which takes a pounding and he screams when he is pushed hard. It’s fantastic fun watching him deal with it.

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