Ben Video 43 - Ben Meets The New Canadian Prison Strap (Very Very Hard Gay Spanking Video)

Belt, Canadian Prison Strap
Very Very Hard

I am quite proud of the short descriptions I write about our hard spanking and punishment films. I like to think that they give you a good insight into what to expect. But sometimes, I watch the final edit of a video and I am just a little bit lost for words. Like in this case, no description does the video justice. I did try. I was going to write about the anticipation, the belting, the relentless prison strapping, the screaming, the gasping, the roaring, the begging, the anger and frustration. I was going to mention the surprising twists, the power play tension that you can almost cut with a knife. But really, you just have to see this film to believe it. 36 minutes of shock and awe.