Brad Video 1 - 18 Year-Old Brad Takes It Hard (Hard Gay Spanking Video)

Action : Hand, Paddle, Belt
Position : Unrestrained
Severity : Hard
Reaction : Brave

18 year-old Brad has the face of an angel and the body of a God.  Period.  Gym-toned and youthful, his gym-body is incredible.  But he saves the best for last as he pulls his shorts down and you get to see his bare ass for the first time.  I really think that out of all the asses I have spanked over the years, Brad really does come out on top.  This is absolutely the first time that Brad has ever got naked on camera.  It is like a work of art.  Although he admits to enjoying spanking his girlfriend, this is the first time that he has bent over to take bare-assed punishment, man-to-man.  I am not going to tell you that this is the hardest punishment.  This is No Way Out and that would be a crazy suggestion.  But the important thing is that to Brad, it is hard.