Jack Video 1 - 21 Year-Old Jack Takes It Hard (Hard Gay Spanking Video)

Punishment : Hand, Paddle, Belt
Position : Unrestrained
Severity : Hard
Reaction : Loud

Handsome 21 year-old Jack has come to us because he has spent all his money going to parties and festivals this summer. He turned up drinking a can of beer and seemed to think that it was all a bit of a joke. He was wrong. As punishment for spending all his money on alcohol and having a good time, he is going to take it HARD for No Way Out.  Jack is straight and has never been disciplined in this way before by a man, so he is nervous. He should be. He strips off to reveal a nice ass which is begging for a good thrashing. You can tell that he feels a bit humiliated but he has no idea what is coming. Getting naked is the least of his worries.