Chris Video 4 - Chris Takes A Hard Thrashing (Very Very Hard Gay Spanking Video)

Punishment : Hand OTK, Belt, Junior Cane, Senior Cane, Bath Brush, Carpet Beater
Position : Unrestrained and restrained
Severity : Very Very Hard
Reaction : Loud

Chris is back for another good, hard thrashing. Although Chris is not as physically fit as some of the other guys on the site, he makes up for it in his ability to just take what Jason throws at him and trust me, it’s hard. Jason starts off with an extremely hard spanking OTK using his hand and the bath brush. Chris keeps on trying to protect his bare ass with his hand but Jason just laughs and pushes it away again and again. Chris even calls him a “bastard” at one point. Pretty brave stuff considering his position and what’s to come. He squirms around, screaming and kicking his legs as he endures it all. Then it’s time to strap him down.