Brad Video 2 - Taken To The Next Level (Very Hard Gay Spanking Video)

Punishment : Hand, Paddle, Belt
Position : Unrestrained
Severity : Very Hard
Reaction : Loud

Brad is keen to improve his game on the pitch and turns up in his football gear as instructed.  Although he is dreading it, he seems to recognise during the interview that taking harder corporal punishment will improve his stamina, focus and general discipline.  He is a keen sportsman and has a great attitude to CP - keen to learn, keen to improve and I make it clear that he is going to be pushed to the next level. His body is incredible and he is made to stand against the wall, sticking his ass out for you to see clearly.  This is the real deal - genuine, young, handsome guy reluctantly about to be trained, understanding what must be done to please you.  Now to be honest, I was not sure that Brad had it in him.  His first session showed that he was not well suited to taking a belt but I have to say … Brad really stepped up.  He took it very hard.  Although he found it tough and the air was blue, he put a huge amount of effort into this shoot.  A game-changer for Brad and he really is well on his way to becoming one of my most promising subjects.  He understands what we want to see - that fantastic ass of his thrashed hard.

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