Ben Video 30 - My Buddy Watches Me Punish Bare Ass Part 1 (Very Very Hard Gay Spanking Video)

Punishment : Belt, Paddle
Position : Restrained
Severity : Very Very Hard
Reaction : Loud

One of Jason’s drinking buddies, Rich, has confessed that he is interested in CP and has asked to witness a hard, bare-assed beating. Of course, Jason is only too willing to organise it. He has a tendency to beat guys hard anyway, but in front of his mate, he’s gonna lay it on even harder. Geoff, the guy that does our editing said he almost shot his load watching this film. Jason and his mate drink beer and joke around between periods of intense and painful punishment, laughing at the victim’s reactions. Jason invites Rich to have a go and he can hardly believe it. He’s never beaten a guy’s bare ass before but he loves every minute of it.