Ben Video 29 - New Straps Broken In

Punishment : Belt, Prison Strap
Position : Restrained
Severity : Very Very Hard
Reaction : Loud

Today’s a good day cos I’ve got two new straps to break in.  Each of them is heavy, thick brown leather – one with holes and one without.  I can’t fucking wait to get stuck into this sub’s arse with each of them.  They certainly live up to expectations.  Each of them packs a real fucking punch and once I get into the swing of things, I really start to show this fucker who’s boss.  I give this bare arse a relentless pounding with each of the straps, alternating between the two to keep him guessing.  Out of the two, I think I prefer the one with the holes because it seems to fly better through the air, but it’s a close call.