Ben Video 24 - Scream Fucker (Very Very Hard Gay Spanking Video)

Punishment : Belt
Position : Restrained
Severity : Very Very Hard
Reaction : Loud

We like nothing more than the screams of guys getting beaten hard but this top is such a bastard that he sets up a nasty little game in which the sub is challenged to remain quiet for as long as he can. 4 cards are drawn that each represent minutes of continuous, hard beating. If the sub remains quiet during the first card's punishment then the value of the following card will be halved. To help him get through the ordeal, the top gives him a gag to bite down on and then starts the first session, enjoying the sub’s attempts to remain quiet as he builds up the beating. He makes it through the first session without letting out too much noise so the second session is halved. However, the top doubles the intensity and the sub is no match for it and starts to scream through his gag.

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