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The Dreaded Bath Brush

Anyone lucky (or unlucky enough) to experience a bath brush across their bare ass will know that quite simply, it hurts like fuck.  Spare a thought for Chris who takes the dreaded thing in three humiliating positions.  Using it is so much fun because with its long handle and absolutely no give, the pain is something like a hot iron on bare cheeks.  Love wielding this thing.

Winner of the Best Ass Competition

I try my best not to pant like a dog when I have str8 guys stripping off in front of me.  But in Brad's case that's extra difficult because his body is like something you might find in a square in Florence.  It looks as if its chiseled from marble.  And his muscular but shapely buttocks are as close to perfection as I can imagine.  I can't believe I get to punish him for you.  It's a considerable honor and an even bigger pleasure to get stuck into training him.