Matt Video 2 - Take It Hard Army Man (Very Very Hard Gay Spanking Video)

Belt, Prison Strap (Restrained)

Very Very Hard

This army soldier has been insubordinate to his Sergeant during training and so the Sergeant fully intends to beat some sense and manners into him. He starts with a harsh two-sided paddle on the soldiers' restrained ass that just hints at what is to come. The real discipline and attitude adjustment comes when the Sergeant switches to the belt. The soldier reacts very angrily to the humiliating punishment, telling the Sergeant to “go fuck yourself”. This is an extremely stupid move as the Sergeant doesn't hesitate to switch immediately to a harsh and heavy strap. This soon has the soldier writhing like a bucking bronco on the frame, begging and cursing in equal measure. Just to make sure he's learned his lesson, the Sergeant enlists the help of one of the privates to double down on the guy's already battered ass.