John Irish Video 1 - Humiliating Army Punishment (Very Hard Gay Spanking Video)

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Hand, Paddle, Belt - Unrestrained - Very Hard

John is a straight, muscular, army guy who is desperately trying to avoid a Court-Martial for going AWOL. The only way he can avoid it is by attending this unofficial discipline session. It is explained to him that what he did was unacceptable and he apologizes. But in order to avoid the Court-Martial, he must accept hard Corporal Punishment. He admits that he does not really know what that involves and so it is spelled out to him clearly. He is told that he will have to have his bare ass punished. “Is this some sort of joke?”, he asks. But there is no mistake. It begins to sink in that he is going to have to take a humiliating bare-assed punishment.