Jacob Video 2 - Jacob Earns His Stripes

People that buy our videos will know that all the guys are pushed to the very edge of their ability to take. Now that Jacob has endured his initial punishment, it is time to see how he deals with a longer, absolutely rock hard session with my belt. This is a real test of his ability. He is made to count out the strokes loudly and proudly, his gasps and pleas for leniency taken into consideration but often ignored. I give him plenty of encouragement but I make it clear that I want him to endure, without a fuss, what I am throwing at him and to make me proud. And it is fucking hard. That belt cracks down with considerable power again and again and again. What Jacob does not know earlier in the session is that while the strokes are very hard, they are not my hardest. I have kept something back and so when I unleash it, there are screams of disbelief. “You have raised the level” he gasps. This marks the beginning of his real training and even a brief outing with the new prison strap. Stern, vicious and relentless, I push him to his very limit time and time again. Sometimes he screams, sometimes he gasps, at one point he starts sobbing. I comfort him in between strokes because I am there for him but I must see him take it all, whether he likes it or not.

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