Jacob Video 1 - Baptism of Fire

Hand, Paddle, Belt (Restrained and Unrestrained)
Very Hard

24 year-old Jacob got in touch with me because he knows that here at No Way Out, we make the hardest male-male punishment movies. He told me he had some experience taking a spanking but since he had downloaded some of our movies, he really wanted to get involved. Of course, I was delighted to welcome him to No Way Out for what I intended to be the spanking of his life. I decided to get him over my knee and give him a really good, long and hard hand spanking and a paddling in both the otk position and the wheelbarrow. I don’t think he was expecting this but I could feel his heart pounding and I really spanked the ass off him. Because I don’t do many OTK scenes, I really went to town and soon his ass was bright red. Next, it was over the bench for some more hard spanking, paddling and his first introduction to my belt. It was not long until I realised I could push this young guy pretty hard and soon my belt was just slicing through the air, cracking down across his bare cheeks with pretty much full force. I coached him along with some physical contact and verbal support, all the time keeping him within his limits and then occasionally pushing through them. I have to say,Jacob is a tough young cookie but I soon had him on the ropes. Nice young man with a great ass takes it very hard.

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