Zach Video 1 - Zach Takes It Hard for No Way Out

Hand, Paddle, Belt
Very Hard

Zach is a young Eastern European, ex-military guy and he certainly looks the part. Stern, straight and strong, he has decided to submit to No Way Out. During the shoot, while he is stripping off for us, he has second thoughts (you can see the humiliation in his eyes) but luckily, he continues and you will be so glad he did. His body is masculine, some chest hair but when he reveals his ass, I cannot quite believe my luck. It is perfectly round, smooth, soft and just begging for a hard spanking. He has one of the best asses for punishment I have ever seen. He has a look of determination which is broken down as I punish him over the table. He has never done this type of thing before and so you can see his face as he struggles to come to terms with it. Zach is a really good guy for doing this it is well outside his comfort zone on a number of levels. The hard hand spanking is only the beginning. He takes the paddle and the belt long and very intensely for you, jolting and bucking around, cursing and swearing through gritted teeth. It is pure joy to watch, he suffers fantastically for you and is barely able to look at the camera by the end of his ordeal.

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