Ash Video 1 - 24 Year-Old Car Thief Punished

This 24 year-old, handsome, muscular straight guy has recently been released from prison. But since then, he’s struggled to stay on the straight and narrow and has been in trouble with the police again. Most recently, he took and crashed his dad’s car. He realizes that he badly needs some discipline in his life and so he’s going to take it HARD for No Way Out as payback for his bad behavior. The money he earns from this beating is going straight to his dad towards repairing the car. Ashley has a fantastic body – very toned and trim and he reckons he has a high pain threshold. We’re about to find out! He plays football and a lot of other contact sports and is determined that he will take what’s coming like a man. We watch him undress and then examine his body closely. He has a really good ass for punishment – it’s just begging for the strap. Then it’s down to the punishment. During the session, he certainly tries to take what I throw at him but soon the paddle and my belt start showing him what real punishment is and it’s not long before his ass cheeks are bouncing up and down in shock and pain and he starts howling and even sobbing at some points. He is clearly frustrated and humiliated, banging the table and screaming. He takes a really good, long punishment for you and even though his ass is fairly tough, he struggles with the pain. He absolutely HATES the belt, he confesses afterwards - he won’t be stealing a car again anytime soon, that’s for sure. There is a short interview before and after the punishment.

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