Adam Video 4 - Failed Press-Up Challenge

Hand, Paddle, Belt
Very Hard

Adam the gym instructor is back for his fourth visit to No Way Out and this time I have something special for him to endure.  He is going to have to work for it on a number of levels.  First of all, I explain to Adam that he is going to have to show us 50 press-ups on the floor, naked.  If he fails to impress me then he is not only going to suffer a considerable ass beating in front of everyone, but also suffer the humiliation of being placed like an object on top of the table.  He laughs nervously when I tell him what is expected of him.  I think he is hoping that I am joking.  But this is no joke.  Told in no uncertain terms that he must hold position, Adam has to grit his teeth through the pain and embarrassment of it all, high up where you can all see him.

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