18 Year-Old Steve Spanked to Tears

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Steve has come to us for probably what will be the last time before he goes to college and so we wanted to make sure that we leave an impression on him. He tells us that he has been keeping out of trouble, but what he doesn’t know is that we KNOW he has been in trouble again. And what is more, we have been authorized to punish him until he CRIES. We are going to spank and belt him until he breaks. He is clearly very worried, shaking during his hard spanking which sees him on all fours, his legs spread and his privates swinging on show. We’re going to teach him a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry. Steve is shocked at the severity of his punishment, his eyes wide with pain and surprise. The belting he receives is long and very hard, pushing him over the edge of his pain and humiliation as he starts sobbing uncontrollably. He has done wrong and he knows it, but he thought he had got away with it. Poor Steve– thrashed like the little liar he is. He has never taken CP this hard and it is possibly the first time we have made one of our boys actually cry. Lots of crystal-clear close-ups of the action in this film, you can see the fear in his eyes as the belt cuts into his soft bubble butt. This very young man is firmly put in his place.