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On the Cross

One of the things I enjoy about training Ben is that he fights back.  He tries to hold onto his dignity, because he doesn’t want to give me what I want, what you want, which is to hear him scream the place down.  Sessions like this one are like a battle between us where Ben is determined to hold onto a shred of his dignity and I am determined to remove it for your viewing pleasure.  Belting is the name of the game to start with - belting that is so intense that it literally strips the underwear off Ben’s restrained ass which is up and as proud as it can be given the circumstances.  What I really want to know as things intensify is where my favorite prison strap is – it is not in the usual place - and what follows is a battle of wills as I demand to know.  If I find it, things are gonna get serious.

Dedication Is What You Need

Adam is quite a shy, proud straight guy, and so this video is difficult for him, due to its humiliating position.  As a result, it's highly enjoyable for us to watch Adam deal with it all.  In the position he is in, his cheeks are really spread wide and high, so that when the belt cracks down, it lands across tighter skin and he really feels the force of it.  Adam has a great, smooth ass which he seems willing to use to give you what you want.  Like a good soldier, he must concentrate throughout the session on getting through it, gritting his teeth and taking everything that I am challenging him with.  This type of dedication to his training is what makes Adam one of our most popular guys ever.